Interior Designing

ONE INTERIOR offer customized designs services. With an assured unimaginable convenience and end-to-end interior design solutions, we let you move right into your dream space. We have Interior Designers who focus on providing Customized Interior Designs to our beloved customers.

For the ONE INTERIOR team, every detail in the design has a purpose that reflects your personality and beauty.

We have transformed ordinary houses into luxurious, warm homes by planning efficient layouts, bespoke furniture, uplifting colour palettes, and strategic lighting schemes. Our team of designers and craftsmen combine their aesthetic values and vision with high-quality materials premium finishing. We don’t just create spaces that look good. We create comfortable and functional spaces that have a positive impact on your lifestyle and well-being.

We have created some of the most unique home interior which includes bungalow interior design, flat interior, modern luxury house design, luxurious office interior, turnkey interiors, restaurant interior design, hotel interior design, showroom interior design, salon interiors and many luxurious and peaceful living spaces. We believe in luxury that provides utmost comfort and the sense of “Yes, this is what I have always dreamt of.”


Architectural Designing

At One Interior, we understand that when you built your home, you are investing emotionally as well as financially. We drawer on our collective skills and give attention to material craft and details, which finds its best experience in the house we design.

We also know how to plan for the best architectural performance, optimise light, views and aspects, promote natural ventilation, and reduce energy consumption while maintaining the luxury of your Private Bungalows. Our expertise allows us to create efficient structure that are light, airy, comfortable and stylish just the way you like!.

Over a few years, our practice has gained an in-depth working knowledge of many types of projects and how to deliver them. Planning may control the environment by the design of architectural forms that may modify the effects of natural forces. For example, overhanging eaves, moldings, projections, courts, and porches give shade and protection from rain. Roofs are designed to shed snow and to drain or preserve water.

Interior designing essentially involves a broad spectrum of skills: from understanding textiles and their workability in a blueprint to making sure that a design adheres to the rules and laws of the locality, an interior designer is expected to know everything that is inside and outside any concrete structure.

We believe that we provide the best home architecture around. We have experience in Architectural services. We are best at Turnkey Projects & Residential houses.


Turnkey Interior Services

ONE INTERIOR and team provide best turnkey interior solutions. This type of solutions are so easy, effective and cost friendly for home, offices, retail sector and even building owners. Actually turnkey design solution is a combinational approach where only one contractor handles and looks after the entire interior design solution from initial to final stage. This in turn lessens level of stress and work involvement for an owner itself.

A) Benefits of selecting a turnkey interior solution

- First, an important aspect of the turnkey interior solution is Time Management. As it becomes so easy. Your turkey solution provider will give stipulated time period. You just have to track that timeline and will receive daily updates from a single source every time.

- Second, you can easily manage your budget and payment. A dedicate person from our team will handle all of the expenditure on the project; stick the budget and only a single window of supplier where you require to pay. A turnkey interior solution is also easier for the management of budgets and payment.

- A person who is working on your project will be an expert in this area. They will always try to make contacts with high-quality suppliers.

B) Why you should go for turnkey interior solution.

As it is the best option for your interior design project. Either you are starting from new project or simply applying modifications to the current one. Before going for new products or new design ideas just consult our design team and discuss about your ideas, your requirements. They will listen and give you best option which is suitable according to your needs.

C)Some misconception about turnkey projects.

One of the most seen misconceptions is that property owners sometimes don’t get the freedom to express themselves. But in reality, turnkey projects are becoming more popular than self-managed projects due of clear communication, one point of contact, proper guidance, and dedication.


Landscaping | Space Planning | 3D Drawings

We offer 3D Interior model, 3D Materialized Interior rendering, Photorealistic, and Visualized design solutions for all types of residential, commercial, industrial and corporate requirements.

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